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Never Caught Sleepin

Young, dumb, and broke but at least we 'woke'

Being ‘woke’ means being aware of what’s going on in the community and finding out you were wrong about much of what you understood to be truth. In “post-racial" western society, discrimination lingers in subtle ways so if you don’t look twice you might miss it. We’re “those kids” unlearning language to get our language understood.


This is the place for you, the generation full of creators and hustlers, to understand and join in on the discussion of racial oppression, get to know how it has evolved during the digital age and tailor your behavior and online presence so that your actions don't perpetuate racial stereotypes. Subscribe to be FOMO free. 

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"I find Never Caught Sleepin  to be the perfect mix of informative, witty, and timely."

Manuela Trujillo 

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