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We're dedicated to telling people (like you) what you need to know so that 'kids like us' are Never Caught Sleepin.   

It’s simple. We make it easy for you to understand social issues and how your actions might be feeding into racial stereotypes.

You're known as part of the 'woke generation' because of the massive amount of information that you have access to that, thanks to technology. It lets you connect, explore, reach, and learn about so many parts of the world. But truth  is, it's a lot to absorb and sometimes you might slip and lose yourself into trends that do more harm than good.


It's our mission to see what's breaking the internet and to educate you, yes you (don't worry we keep everything bite size), to not hit snooze and wake yourself up on how some of those viral trends going around are... highkey fucked up. By getting one reader's attention at a time soon we won't be the woke generation but the woke nation.  

Our goal is to build one of the fastest growing, most impactful information companies in the world. 

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